My training group have been going to Craig on a weekly basis since March this year. Following a discussion that I had with Craig as to what the needs of the group were, he tailored a program to meet those needs whilst always engaging with myself and the athletes to ensure all felt included.

From a coaching view point, Craig has communicated in a clear manner with the athletes at all time; coaching them successfully whilst also getting to know them to ensure he got the best from them. His manner with them and always been exceptional and is a huge reason as to why they have improved as to dramatically.

Furthermore, dealing with various levels of strength and technique has proved no issue for Craig. He has adjusted training programs for all the group to allow those with potential injuries to still train effectively.

From a performance side, over the course of the outdoor season the athletes in the groups have run various Personal Best performances and won medals at Scottish schools, Scottish and British level.

I have no doubt that Craig's input has been an invaluable part of the performance and the group and I very much look forward to beginning our winter training shortly. ~Ryan McAllister

Thanks Craig first PT Session was great. We are feeling good. See you Thursday ~ Laura Hamilton

Eastbank Netball Club have tried something different this year for pre-season by going along to Relentless Strength @ Sport, Life, Work as was recommended to us from cambuslang rugby team who also attend since our first night on the 3rd July we have been attending every week for a 1 hour session on alternative Monday and Wednesday nights as a team to be trained by Craig and can definitely see the benefits each session is different and works on every part of our strength and weaknesses, who would ever think of throwing a medicine ball against the wall to practice a chest pass �

Craig has been amazing with us very supportive and encouraging and knows what limits we can be pushed too.

I am confident to say with the help from Craig we are looking forward to the season starting and running about on the court again starting tonight for our first game back ~ Helen McGarry

Just finished second PT session with Craig absolutely loved it!! Very hard work but really enjoyable and burned over 300 calories in 30 minutes! Can’t wait for the next one!  ~ Alyson Tennant

Craig is a fantastic trainer and teacher who has a wealth of knowledge. A well kitted out gym with everything you need. ~ Darren Mitchell

So today I was at the opening day of a load of bike trails at Kelburn Country Park. Nasty little climb on it and some decent trails leading off it at various points. I managed 20 laps, about double everyone else there! And I was managing to keep pace with an e-bike for the first 6/7 climbs. I was pretty buggered at the end of it, but my decent times weren't getting any slower which is awesome! Proof the training is really working! My previous runs there I was buggered after 8 runs. The difference is staggering and is entirely down to Craigs training for the last 9 months :D Thanks man! ~ Euan Jarvis

In the last two years I have given the reigns of control of my strength and conditioning work to the hands of other coaches instead of programming for myself!

This time craig has had total control in administering my programming. Some small hiccups in changes of pattering but has overall been massive difference!

No bullshit or rubbish! Solid advice and training and knows exactly what he is talking bout!

Not only that but he is an awesome guy to chat to!

Deffo worth investing if your wanting to take your training to the next level ~ Mondo Woodcock

Excellent coach and top guy! Very approachable and practices what he preaches. ~ Danny Murray